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Ponudba malic

Petek 16.12

Backup Post

All content in this form will be replaced by the text of the menu dish served on, or closest to this day.

The algorithm knows which post content to replace through its text. (The text written in this post)

The first line has to start specifically as day-name day-number.year-number for the algorithm to find it.

For example Petek 16.12

These same conditions apply to the text of the dishes displayed on 

As long as the first line of the dish description is written as day-name day-number.year-number the dish will be taken into account to be displayed on the landing page. If the description of a particular dish is wrong, it will simply be ignored and not taken into account for display. The algorithm will choose the dish of the next day closest to today instead.


  1. It is important that there is only ONE space between and day-name and day-number
    1. For instance, Petek  16 WILL NOT WORK because there is more than one space between Petek and 16.
    2. If this happens, the dish for Petek  16 will be ignored, and the dish for the day closest to today will be displayed instead.
  2. The text that comes after the first line day-name day-number.year-number does not influence the algorithm.
    1. For example, Petek 16.12 asdf asdf or this whole post does NOT break the algorithm, as long as the first line is formatted correctly.
  3. If the algorithm finds many posts with text that matches day-name day-number.year-number it will only replace the content inside the first post.
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